Kathryn Larsen is an architectural technologist, and aspiring architectural designer with an interest in sustainability and unusual building material applications.

She has studied Japanese since age 14, taking summer classes at Drexel University in spoken Japanese. In 2013 she took a gap year with CIEE to Japan, to study Japanese intensively. This began her interest in vernacular architecture, as a solution to local environmental concerns. She documented her experiences in a sketchbook, which was later displayed in an AIA Sketch exhibit at Cornell University

In 2014 she began her studies at Cornell University’s architecture school, eventually transferring to finish her undergraduate education at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) with a BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

She focused her dissertation on Danish seaweed thatching and eelgrass as a building material. In 2018, she successfully received funding to create an installation on the roof of KEA, to test prototypes and sketch models made of prefabricated seaweed thatch panels. The installation lasts from October 2018 to Autumn 2019. Her research was featured in a pop-up exhibition in the school, in Autumn 2019. The exhibition was coordinated with Material Design Lab and Maker Lab.

In 2019 she was invited to join Julia Lohmann’s Department of Seaweed, and was chosen to participate in Design Indaba’s antenna program for Dutch Design Week 2019.

Kathryn is an educational advocate, and has guest-lectured at KEA. She supports kinetic learning, sketching, and learning-by-doing for design educations. In her free time, Kathryn sketches with Urban Sketchers Copenhagen.