Arch 1101

YEAR: 2014

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This was a semester long individual project. The assignment was to analyze the tool of an assigned animal (in this case, a peacock and its tail), create a moveable architecture tool to represent this animal, and then create architecture from this analysis. This semester I focused on model building and improving my craft.


Group Hand Drawing

In this 3 meter wide group drawing with Vanille Fricker and Tara Chen Sue, we combined our separate tools of a peacock into this collaged drawing. I was responsible for drawing the bottom three panels, and helped plan a rough photoshop sketch of the final drawing.



Peacock Tool

I built this to illustrate the mechanism of a peacock's tail opening and fanning. I soldered and created my own joints out of piano wire. The opening mechanism was based on a stapler opening.


Final Model

I created the final model by embedding the tool in the site and then stepping and carving out grooves, showing a visual memory of the tool's movement and alluding to the opening of a peacock's tail. A skin was added in areas to create shade and enclosed spaces. It was imagined that this could be some sort of outdoor landscaping feature that would entice people to explore the site while enjoying a view.