Year: 2016

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Place: Finalist

COMPETITION DESCRIPTION: In this 3-day workshop, we were encouraged to come up with a pre-fabricated modular housing scheme for the city of Vinge that encompassed the values of sustainability and innovation. Since the area has a lot of wildlife and is situated near the Roskilde Fjord, I had the idea to draw upon eelgrass as a thatched facade and insulation material in the houses. 

I was inspired by the precedent of Det Moderne Tanghus by Vandkunsten to use measured amounts of eelgrass as insulation in the building, but thought that instead of using their facade construction methods, that instead pre-fabricated thatched panels could be installed on the exterior.

Due to extenuating circumstances, my entry was presented on my behalf by my third semester group of Monika Jakaityte, Pat Puttimettipanan, and Tobias Michelsen. It made it to the final competition round, and although it did not place, it received an offer for further development from one of the judges.

I am interested in researching eelgrass as a building material and developing my ideas further in my bachelor's dissertation and in the future.


A1 Competition Entry Sheet



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Monika Jakaityte (left) and Tobias Michelsen (right) presenting the entry to a judge.