Semester 4 Project

YEAR: 2017

LOCATION: New Carlsberg Vej 100

GROUP MEMBERS: Monika Jakaityte, Andrejs Mocalovs, Evelyn Bujorean, Lucian Aionicesei

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The idea was to create a sustainable, modern office building in Carlsberg Byen, a historical part of Valby. The canteen on the first floor doubles as a bar and we also created an amphitheater in the local area that can be used for a variety of functions, including a farmer’s market, and local concerts.

Individually, I acted as project leader this semester, and handled all the costing, time management, and documentation including tender documentation, and procurement strategy. I created a laser-cut site mode, with assembly assistance from Evelyn. l I also was in charge of the roof element construction.


Site Model

Blue shows the placement of the building and the amphitheater in connection to the rest of the local area.


Interior Render

Vinyl added to the glass interior dividers helps reduce glaring from sunlight and adds a degree of privacy.


Exploded Isometric of Solar Panel Green Roof

Drainage Junction



Skylight Junction

External Wall - Roof Junction

Loadbearing Wall Junction

Internal Non Load Bearing Wall Junction