Semester 4 Design Elective

YEAR: 2017

LOCATION: Adelgade 8, Copenhagen

GROUP MEMBERS: Monika Jakaityte

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We were assigned to create a sustainable urban infill project in six weeks, with no limitations as to what this project could be. Upon analyzing the local area, Monika and I decided to go with a  curtain-walled building for food and exhibitions, with half-hidden gardens inspired by the tectonics of the local area.

Individually, I focused on mapping the local area, designing the garden spaces and furniture typologies, as well as forming the ideas behind the ventilation. I diagrammed the room functions and calculated the embodied carbon in the project. I also created a site model with dimensions 1 meter by 1 meter with assembly and cad assistance from Monika. 


Site Model

The overall site base was cut on the laser cutter, as was the main building and details. The surrounding buildings were CNC-milled and painted over with a clear acrylic lacquer. 

functionaldiagram234 (5).jpg

Functional Diagram

This shows the various functions of the building, including food, and pop-up shop displays. We envisioned that the money from sales could help generate public art installations and performances in the open space, so that the building has a cultural value to the local area.


Site Plan (Left) and Transportation Mapping (Right)



Garden Bench Typologies

Several typologies of wooden benches were created using repetition and rotation. The benches can be utilized as both seating and gaden trellises. The language of the site pathways and window shades also follow this repetition.

ventilation copy.png

Ventilation Principles

Cross ventilation and stack ventilation combine natural ventilation with a mechanical system.